About us

 About Us

A storehouse of flexible solutions

Due to the past 25 years ROLL-PACK Trading House Ltd. has become the leading Hungarian manufacturer of plastic packaging materials and cargo securing films . Our Soltvadkert plant currently produces 7 different types of Stretch foils on 7 machines. The capacity of our stretching and rewinding machines is 5000 tons per year. 70% of our sales are domestic. We export 30% of our products. The capacity of our own and external warehouses is up to 1000 pallets . We do our logistics with our own cars or with external transport companies.

Our main activities

Stretch Films, from 5-30 my, with elongation up to 300% are produced in our factory. Available in a range of width of 100 – 500 mm in different colors and qualities.

About 50% of our production is made of pre-stretched Stretch foils in transparent or black . According to experts, this technology is currently the most economical way of securing cargo! Within this product group, we offer a number of alternatives: – We produce manual pre-stretched foil, for example with or without reels. – We also manufacture machine pre-stretched film in customized packages up to 6-9 my thickness. – We are ISO and BRC certified within the group, so some of our products are suitable for direct food packaging.

Other key products include PE flat and shrink film , hoses, bags, sachets, sacks, washers and covers . We undertake the production of foil sheets, as required, on sheets or even without reels. In addition, we can provide complex support for the design and purchase of PO films, adhesive and tape tapes, air cushion films, Stretch wrapping machines, or even complete packaging lines .